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Posted by giorgio on August 05, 2014  /   Posted in press

Many worldwide and UK electronic cigarette distributors are investing on the wholesale market as more and more retailers begin to add electronic cigarettes to their current stock book.

Most of the e-cig and related products are being manufactured and exported from China. With all the related probles and costs of an import/export business. It can be hard for small retailers to enter into the industry without putting up a significant investment. It could cost several thousand pounds.

The 90% of electronic cigarette products come from Chinese production. But we have something new on the market right now: Smokitaly is the first b2b retailer online store of 100% made in Italy products.

Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes into the marketplace about 10 years ago retail sales have multiplied at exponential rates and now amount into the Billions with the bulk of retail sales being reported from large electronic cigarette providers operating primarily online.

Smokitaly, the worldwide Electronic cigarette online distributor of made in Italy products are cashing in on the demand from Europe retailers, by offering wholesale programs with small order quantities and low wholesale prices with minimal investment risk. All the production is made in Italy: from the design to the building process, all the certifications, components and features. 100% made in Italy.

Smokitaly has recently launched its own electronic cigarettes wholesale program now on its website.

The b2b electronic cigarette program, where the client prepare his own wish list and he can send it directly to the company with minimum requirements.  Also Smokitaly has launched the possibility to make own products in Italy, using the best technology available. This is a huge step forward in the electronic cigarette market.

Worldwide retailers simply need to log in inside the B2B section to view prices and wholesale application and submit it to the company. Upon approval ,retailers can immediately start buying Smokitaly line of products at wholesale prices enabling them to join in on the rapidly increasing electronic cigarette sales, in Europe and worldwide.

Electronic cigarette market needs something new. We wanted to bring quality on this field. The producers of electronic cigarette should really take care of all the aspects of this business. Most of the time I hear: electronic cigarette market is increasing, it will reach 3billions dollar in 2015” says Dario Beccaria CEO of Smokitaly Electronic Cigarettes, Dario keeps saying “The way the market is increasing is an amazing thing, but we want people buying electronic cigarette understand better what’s inside the E-liquid they smoke, how companies produce their electronic ecigs devices, where the metals and materials come from. Ecigs market should be really careful of what people are buying and how the companies made those products. We want to say that all our production is made in Italy under a strict CE regulation and Italian healthy and safety department. We opened our B2B wholesale electronc cigarette business because we have been Listening at the small worldwide retailers who want to get in on the action but can’t afford the usual huge investment. They want something different from the actual production. Something made with high quality standard. that’s why we decided to launch our b2b electronic cigarettes wholesale program… It’s a win, win for all parties concerned


Smokitaly is the Only and Original wholesale electronic cigarette of made in Italy products. Visit for more information on their worldwide wholesale program offered exclusively on our website.

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