100% made in Italy e-liquids are available now on worldwide market

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An efficient, clean and remarkably accurate alternative to tobacco cigarettes, E cigs are now really popular and appreciate worldwide. But there is a country where the ecigs become a fashion and the first country to open shops all over its territory over 6 years ago: Italy. Italy is very active in the ecigs production and now through Smokitaly, the best electronic cigarettes and the best e-liquids are available on worldwide ecigs market. Their philosophy is simple: high quality, taste, and warranty.

Smokitaly e-liquids paid a particular attention in studying and preparing flavours; all the ingredients used are taken from the food sector and holding all law’s certificates. Designed, not as a way to quit smoking but as a cleaner, safer, healthier and more cost effective way to still enjoy nicotine, the e cigarette is a great device, giving an accurate and enjoyable experience that is easily switched to from tobacco products Every bottle of Smokitaly e-liquid is realized to respect extremely qualitative high standards. Smokitaly e-liquids are exclusively made, tested and packed in Italy (100% Made in Italy)” says Dario Beccaria, Smokitaly CEO.

An expert team creates and tests every single aroma by selecting and using only high quality ingredients with purity of pharmaceutical prestige, compliant to the European regulation 1907/2006/CE.
Smokitaly e-liquids are registered in the Superior Italian Health Institute.
The only “very high concern (SVHC)” substance in our liquids is nicotine and the one we use is only EP nicotine ( like the USP).

The base of Smokitaly liquids is composed by:
propylen glycole (PG) – 50%
EP glicerine (VP) – 45%
water – 5%

Aromas and concerning nicotine gradation are added maintaining the proportions.
Smokitaly e-liquids bottles are compliant with regulation UNI EN ISO 8317:2005 “childproof packaging – procedures and requirement tests for reclosable packaging”. Production lots are indicated in all packages identifying them with a code; therefore traceability is guaranteed. Moreover they underline the presence of EAN code: the European Article Number (99 joined countries), a code placed on every item and readable automatically in both directions. This encoding is compatible with USA UPC system.

Smokitaly E Liquid was specifically designed to create a quality product and the same time, a little fashion” Says Dario Beccaria, CEO smokitaly.

Italian electronic cigarettes are a marvel of class, style and super high quality that is by far the closest you will ever get to truly recreating the sensation of smoking a regular cigarette. An easy product to use, this Italian e-liquid can be purchased on Smokitaly website: www.smokitaly.com. E liquids can be purchased readymade to suit a wide range of palettes in different quantities whether buying in bulk or in small amounts. With the introduction of b2b.smokitaly.com, the possibilities are now truly endless.

Smokitaly is the first and only online retailer of electronic cigarette 100% made in Italy, electronic cigarettes

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