Each product (excluding batteries) sold to a “consumer” purchaser” by Smokitaly has statutory warranty on consumer goods , which covers the lack of conformity becomes apparent within:
– Within Europe – 24 months from the date of delivery of the goods .
– Worldwide – 12 months from the date of delivery of the goods .

The duration of the legal guarantee for the batteries will be 12 months from the date of delivery.

Smokitaly is a brand by E-ITALY s.r.l.s. Each time you meet the term “Smokitaly” the corresponding responsibilities and obligations are assumed by the owner of the mark:
E-Italy s.r.l.s.
Via Drovetti 18
10138 Torino (ITALY)
P.IVA/VAT : 10925570011

Obligations are assumed jointly and severally with the worldwide distributor:

311 Winston House
2 Dollis Park
London N3 1HF
VAT 180249904

What is the legal guarantee ?

It is the guarantee on the sale of consumer goods provided for in the EU Directive 1999/44/EC , also known as “guarantee of compliance “, which protects you in the event that the products you buy to be defective in conformity with the contract of sale (” Warranty legal “).
This happens, for example, in the case of products that work evil, that can not be used in the manner stated by the seller or for the purposes for which goods of the same kind are used , which does not have the features or quality promised by the seller or do not respond to the use for which they were purchased.

To receive warranty service on products sold by Smokitaly you can contact Customer Service by sending an email to customer.service@smokitaly.com.

What is the duration of the legal guarantee ?

The Legal Warranty covers defects of conformity which becomes apparent within 24 months for european customers, 12 months for others, from the date of delivery of the product (12 months for batteries) that you have purchased , even if on that date the defect was not immediately noticeable . For making claims need to tell the seller the presence of the defect within two months from when you found out .

Unless proven otherwise , it is assumed that the lack of conformity which becomes apparent within the first 6 months from the date of delivery of the goods already existed at that date , unless this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the goods or the nature of the lack of compliance.

We recommend that you save your sales receipt included in the package of the product, as well as documents confirming the shipment and delivery of the product.

Am I entitled to the legal warranty ?

The Legal Warranty rightfully only to the consumer, that is, to those who buy products for non-business purposes . For example, if you purchase a laptop computer solely for your personal use, you are entitled to the legal warranty . Conversely, if the purchases for use in your work, the legal guarantee does not apply.

To whom can I rely on the Legal Warranty ?

If you are a consumer you can invoke the legal guarantee against those who sold you the product, even if it is a person other than the manufacturer. For products purchased from Smokitaly then responds Smokitaly itself.

What gives me the legal guarantee rights ?

If the product you have purchased has a defect covered by the legal warranty , you are entitled, without you having to incur any expense , either repair or replace the defective product from the seller. You are entitled to a price reduction or termination of the contract in the following cases : ( a) the replacement or repair of the product are not possible or are prohibitively expensive , (b ) if the seller has failed to neither repair nor replacement of product in a reasonable period of time , or ( c) if the replacement or repair of the product has caused you significant inconvenience . To determine the amount of reduction of the price or amount to which you are entitled in such cases we take into account the use you have made of the product. Keep in mind that a minor defect for which it was not possible or is too costly the remedies of repair or replacement does not give the right to terminate the contract.

What to do in case of a lack of conformity ?

If the product you have purchased from Smokitaly was delivered damaged, defective, it is not what you ordered, or otherwise does not comply with the contract of sale, please contact our Customer Service by sending an email to customer.service@smokitaly.com.

The operators of our Customer Service to help you solve your problem using the product you have purchased.

If it appears that the problem stems from a lack of conformity, will open a practice in your name and you will be given a code for the repair or replacement of the defective product free of charge under warranty.

Please note that in case of replacement, we will deliver you a replacement product within a reasonable time and you will be required to return the product which does not comply within 30 days from the date you received our communication to send the replacement product. We will give you directions on how to print a custom label and return the product warranty.

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