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Smokitaly – Italian Quality in Electronic Cigarette Products

Posted by admin on September 11, 2014  /   Posted in press

The online shop showcases 100% Italy-made products that emphasize top raw materials and luxury design.

Electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm. An increasing number of consumers are turning to this revolutionary alternative to traditional smoking. Unlike tobacco, e-cigarettes consist of non-carcinogenic components that provide the same nicotine fix, but without the harmful health effects that have been linked to serious diseases and even untimely fatalities.

In the seemingly saturated electronic cigarettes market, Italy-made merchandises stand out in their distinctive products that balance out quality and design. Smokitaly, a company that distributes strictly 100% made in Italy products by Italian designers, showcases what the Italian electronic cigarette market has to offer.

“In Italy, there are many small and medium-sized companies that manufacture excellent products for electronic smoking. Smokitaly will promote their business globally in an aim to promote Italian excellence around the world,” said the Smokitaly team.

Smokitaly heeds the call for a healthier smoking habit, as the company believes in electronic cigarettes being the answer to the dangers of tobacco smoking. While so, the company takes pride in a country that produces harmless smoking products that also provide a luxurious vaping expeience for users. The 100% Italian electronic cigarettes add technological excellence and extremely refined design that the country is known for.

At Smokitaly.com, the reputable wholesaler of 100% Italy-made e-cigarettes features the leading names in Italian e-cig production. The website enables consumers to purchase BeBe, the first big battery; Drip Tips certified by the Italian National Laboratories; the Acqua Luxury E-Cigarette that are CE and ROHS Certified; and VENERE, the first mechanical electronic cigarette completely designed and produced in Italy.

“We want to be a secure and reliable reference for the promotion and distribution of made in Italy products all over the globe. We seek to partner with Italian companies that want to compete in the global market and to ensure superior quality [e-cigarette] products for consumers around the world,” Smokitaly.com concluded.

Also an informative resource for everything e-cigarettes, Smokitaly.com keeps visitors informed and educated by featuring up-to-date information on the e-cig market.

To find out more about the exclusive line-up of luxury e-cigarette products from Italy, please visit http://localhost/smokitalyold/ for information.


Smokitaly is the only and original wholesale electronic cigarette made in Italy. The company promotes high quality Italian e-cigarette production, e-cigs accessories and liquids, with or without nicotine.

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