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Smokitaly Shop brings you a growing selection of Uk E-cigs (Electronic Cigarettes), Big Battery, Accessories and E-Liquids. All 100% Made in Italy: great quality and Italian Design.

Smokitaly introduces the new Italian e-liquids brands Fumador and Fumador Shisha.
Every bottle of e-liquid is realized to respect your (and our) extremely qualitative high standards.
When you buy one of our liquids for electronic cigarettes, you are buying a product which is the result of a strong passion, e-liquids are our passion.
Our e-liquids are exclusively made, tested and packed in Italy (100% Made in Italy).
Our expert team create and test every single aroma by selecting and using only high quality ingredients with purity of pharmaceutical prestige. They are compliant to the European regulation 1907/2006/CE.
Our liquids are registered in the Superior Italian Health Institute.
The only “very high concern (SVHC)” substance in our liquids is nicotine and the one we use is only EP nicotine ( like the USP).
The base of our liquids is composed by:

  • propylen glycole (PG) 50%
  • EP glicerine (VP) 45%
  • water 5%

Aromas and concerning nicotine gradation are added maintaining the proportions.
Our eliquids bottles are comply with regulation UNI EN ISO 8317:2005 “childproof packaging – procedures and requirement tests for reclosable packaging”.
Production lots are indicated in all packages identifying them with a code, therefore traceability is guaranteed.

Info about Italian E-Liquids Fumador at:

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