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Commonly Asked Questions (10)

do smokitaly electronic cigarette got instruction manuals?

All smokitaly electronic cigarette kits are supplied with an italian/english languages manual.

what is smokitaly?

Smokitaly distributes the top ecigs and accessories from the top italian production worlwide.
Smokitaly devices simulate smoking act very similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes but without the health risks.
Our products produce an inhaled vapour which gives a very similar sensation, look and taste as smoking tobacco, but without the chemicals, or odour.
To get to know about who we are look at: http://localhost/smokitalyold/#about-us

are the products made in italy?

Yes the products are design and manufactured in italy. Visit : to get more informations.

what is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a device that is made up of a battery and an atomizer with a mouthpiece.
The atomizer is filled with your chosen eliquid and the heating element inside the atomizer cleverly makes the vapour which is inhaled.
To get more informations visits:

how does the electronic cigarette compare to smoking?

Users of electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs are often referred to as vapors. The vapour is what is produced and inhaled from an ecig.
Hence, the term vapors or vaping instead of smokers and smoking. Ecigarette users experience the similar “hit” to the back of the throat
and the production of vapour presents the familiar sensation of smoke being inhaled and exhaled.

how much money could i save with ecigs?

Vaping is very cost effective compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes.even buying our luxury products.
an average 20 a day smoker will spend £7.50 a day which is £2737.50 a year.
The average vaper purchase from smokitaly will spend under £500/600 a year. A massive saving of around £1737.50

are electronic cigarettes intended to help quit smoking

Electronic cigarettes are used for the recreational consumption of nicotine and are intended as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.
Electronic cigarettes are not designed to treat nicotine addiction and are not suitable for smoking cessation.
Electronic cigarettes are not “healthy” but they are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.
Electronic cigarettes are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18, non-smokers, people with allergies to nicotine or propylene glycol, pregnant or Breastfeeding women and people with cardiovascular disease.
Bur products are not for sale to, or use by, anyone under the age of eighteen (18).

Do You Offer Support To Your Customers?

our number one priority is our customer. Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions:

Telephone Number: +442032395011
Monday – Saturday | 9am – 6pm

7 days a week | 24 hours a day!

Can I Actually Smoke Anywhere?

Remember the smoking ban is only intended for tobacco and not for E-Cigarettes so you are able to use in places such as trains,
offices, bars, clubs, and restaurants as long as they don’t specifically disallow electronic cigarettes.

Who Can Purchase Your Products?

We have a strict policy where we DO NOT sell to anyone under the age of 18, so to validate your age you must have a valid debit or credit card.

After My Purchase (3)

after my purchase can i cancel or amend my order?

If you have just placed an order with smokitaly and you want to delete or amend your order/s (change address or add more products)
then please contact our customer service team asap and as long as your order has not already been shipped, we will cancel or amend it for you.

do you actually provide a 30 day money back promise?

At smokitaly, we are 100% committed to providing you with the most reliable service and top made in itay italian products.
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our kits then you can return your item within 30 days.
Please contact our customer service team and we will instruct you on how to return your item(s).

what warranty do you offer on your products?

All the items we provide are all under warranty for the original person who purchased the goods,
the warranty for each product smokitaly provide are as follows:
charging cases, usb charger & wall charger are under a 12 month warranty from the date of receipt.
Batteries – as they are consumable we only offer a 30 days warranty from date of receipt.
E-liquids – are consumable and we do not offer any warranty.

Shipping (7)

from where the products are dispatched?

Part of the products will be dispatched from our wearhouse in Belfast, where one of our warehouse is and from Italy, where we have availability to use the suppliers warehousing.
Sso for example the kalumets will be dispatched from Modena directly to your home. The E-liquids from belfast

How long will it take for UK Delivery?

We aim to dispatch your order within one working day and delivery is estimated between 1-4 working days.


We aim to dispatch your order withing 2 working days and we will give the best option for our clients. It depends which country and how the custom regulate the product.

from where b2b products are dispatched?

All the b2b section are dispatched from italy.

which locations do you ship to?

We ship to the whole of the UK, Ireland and anywhere in europe where electronic cigarettes are permitted.
Iif you are outside of europe we can offer special deliveries to so please contact us to arrange a shipping method.

is shipping free?

We offer free shipping on orders over £200 in the uk, free shipping on orders over £230 in europe zone, free shipping on orders over £260 worlwide.
All orders are delivered via Royal Mail or Fedex.

how long will it take to get to me?

We always aim to get your order shipped for next day delivery if you place your order before 2pm.
However, please allow 2- 3 working days. If there are any problems with your order then we will contact you.

Smokitaly Products (6)

what is the difference between kalumets acqua a – acqua i- acqua t?

The lightness elegance
It mainly stands out for anticorodal lightness and for the special not galvanic nickelling
(certified for food use) that together with the natural brass chromatism make it one of the most tempting kalumets products.

Steel authoritativeness
The stainless steel natural shine makes this product extraordinary both in its design and in its natural strength.
Acqua-i is totally produced in stainless steel combined with brass in its natural state.

Exclusiveness without compromise
Made really splendid by the properties of titanium joined to the steel trimmings and by the difficulties in working this precious metal.
Really great at sight and by the touch, it is light and practically indestructible. in one word, the top of acqua line.

what the drip tips certifications mean?

All the materials that are in contact with the liquid and the person must be “certificated for food contact”.
These materials, during their use, shouldn’t release “substances” that may be hurmful for the consumers health.
The evaluation of the release of substances from plastic to food is regulated specifically by EU regulation 10/2011.
The strength( ph) of our anodizing is 3.5 against human ph of 5.5 so really safe.
Visit to get more informations.

how do i charge the battery?

In each product the battery can be charged using a usb charger direct to your computer and/or using a wall adapter for main charging( depends of the models).
Carefully screw the threads of the battery into the charger. The battery led button flashes to indicate battery charging has started.
The charger led lights red when charging and green when charged.
The battery has an overcharge protection feature, so the charging process switches off as soon as the battery is charged.
Charging the products battery can take approximately three hours.

why is my battery not charging?

If the battery contacts are not cleaned regularly it is possible that the battery will not charge when connected to the charger.
The battery contacts and atomizers must be clean to function properly. Please strictly follows the instruction manual
as the products are luxury and made on precious materials.

are the products made in italy?

Yes the products distributed from smokitaly are designed and manufactured in Italy

are the product certificated ce and rhos?

Yes the products are certificated CE and RHOS

E-Liquids Questions (4)

what do the e-liquids contain?

In any cartridges or e-liquid the contents are propylene glycol (which is used in many products including food, drinks and medicine), pharmaceutical glycerine, water and nicotine.
We give our customers the choice of 0mg (lowest), 9mg (medium) and 18mg (highest) of nicotine content.
All the products are made in Italy. even the bottles are made interely in Italy. visit:

what is each e-liquid equal to?

Each smokitaly cartridge is equivalent to roughly 30/40 cigarettes,
but this does depend on your habits (how long you inhale and how many puffs you have) for more

does the vapour have a smell?

Most users report no smell. There is a chance of a small trace of odour relating to the flavour but nothing lingering like cigarette smoke.

what does the e-liquid taste like?

Smokitaly e-liquids are made from high quality ingredients, made in Italy, and users report accurate flavour tastes and a unique “freshness”.

Retailer and B2B Questions (2)

how can i make a quote on the b2b website section?

You need to log in in the section and chose the items you want to purchase or the products you want a quote on, after that,
we will receive your quote and we will calculate the delivery costs.
The costs depends on quantities, countries, model chosen and weight of the delivery. Visit :

what is the evolution program?

Smokitaly will help you to build your own ecigs in italy. We are partner with the best italian suppliers and we can follow you in the italian ecigs market.
Please visit: to get more information about our program.

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