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The aim of Smokitaly is the diffusion of the extraordinary construction capabilities of Italian Electronic Cigarettes producers in the various sectors of the electronic smoking.

Smokitaly promotes high quality Italian e-cigarette production, e-cigs accessories and liquids, with or without nicotine. Accurate design, high quality raw materials and 100% italian production for vapers all over the world who are looking for uncompromising quality, safe and guaranteed products and safe online purchasing system.

smokitaly_promec_08100% Made in Italy Products

Smokitaly distributes high quality products by italian designers and manufacturers built with great attention to details. In Italy there are many small and medium-sized companies that manufacture excellent products for electronic smoking. Smokitaly will promote their business globally

kalumets_acqua_015The Online Retail E-shop

Smokitaly is the sole distributor of authentic and luxurious line-up of Italian e-cigarette products that are crafted by Italian designers with great attention to detail. The company ensures that the production, the assembly process, the materials chosen, the forges, the drip tips and the fragrances and nicotine are created or developed to high-technology perfection for healthier and more satisfying e-cigarette consumption.

kalumets_acqua_032The Online Wholesale

Smokitaly, the worldwide Electronic cigarette online distributor of products are cashing in on the demand from Europe retailers, by offering wholesale programs with small order quantities and low wholesale prices with minimal investment risk. All the production is 100% Made in Italy: from the design to the building process, all the certifications, components and features.

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